3rd Shri Bhadrashyam H. Kothari Memorial Research Seminar- 2017

IFMR organized 3rd Shri Bhadrashyam H. Kothari Memorial Research Seminar during Apr 18 and 19, 2017 at Sri City campus. Research is at the heart of IFMR ecosystem and hence this annual event is an important event in IFMR’s academic calendar. This event is dedicated to the memory of Late Shri Bhadrashyam Kothari, who was an honorable Board Member of IFMR and also a source of inspiration for us. The Seminar aims to provide researchers from IFMR ecosystem such as the IFMR B School, IFMR LEAD, IFMR Finance Foundation, Center for Digital Financial Inclusion (CDFI) to showcase their research work and get feedback on the same. Prof. K N Satyanarayana, Director, IIT Tirupati was the Chief Guest and Dr. T.N. Srinivasan, Emeritus Samuel C. Park Jr. Professor of economics at Yale University, USA was the Guest of Honour on this occasion. More than thirty papers were presented across different disciplines such as finance, HR, economics, development, climate change etc. were presented at the seminar. The seminar had more than forty participants from IFMR B-School and different research centers within IFMR ecosystem.

IFMR Annual Research Seminar 2017