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Chairman’s Message:


One of India’s top-rated B-schools, IFMR is a non-profit organization guided by a Board of Governors, comprising leaders of major corporations in India. The Finance Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu, and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Madras are ex-official board members.

“The dream is to invest in quality students and produce jewels. Over a period of time, we will create this reputation.The people who walk out of this institute will be the people who create an intellectual revolution in the country. This will certainly transform it in to reality.”

Excerpt from a speech by Mr. N. Vaghul Ex. Chairman, ICICI Bank Ltd., & Chairman, Board of Governors, IFMR

President’s Message:

cvkIFMR is a not-for-profit research-driven learning institution, a hallmark of all major universities in the world. We are proud to have inspiration from national thought leaders like Mr. H.T.Parekh, a heritage of over 40 years of providing training to the corporate, government, banking, and social sectors, an eminent Board of Governors for guidance, and a group of highly qualified and committed faculty and researchers with us. Our B-School prepares young minds to become competent and socially responsible leaders of or-ganisations. Our faculty constantly revamp existing courses and create new ones to keep in line with the changing environment. Our students, from all over India, form an excellent community on campus, not only excelling in academics, but also performing well in national competitions. We are privileged to have 100% placement of our PGDM students in reputed organisations around the country.

Our Post Graduate Diploma in Management for working executives has the same rigour as our full-time PGDM programme, and has been catering to executives to advance their knowledge and progress in their career.

The wide range of Management Development Programmes has been highly successful in capacity building and training across several sectors.

IFMR Research Centres have the huge advantage of guidance and active involvement from the most reputed research professors and have earned the reputation for incisive research into various financial and social development issues. The publication record of our faculty and research staff is enviable.

IFMR, since its move to Sri City in 2014, has created world class infrastructure for fully integrated academic and research work with all the facilities. We shall continue to maintain the high standards of an institution of greater learning and leading research.

Mr. C V Krishnan
President, IFMR

Director’s Message:

PKBIFMR is poised to leap into New Year with greater determination to achieve excellence in management education. Equipped with the world class campus spread over 40 acres in Sri City, it is aiming to achieve its mission to be an institution of greater learning. It recognizes that management education should help in creation, dissemination and application of knowledge in a way that helps to bring about profound transformation of society and the nation. It is conscious of its role to prepare young minds and experienced managers to become competent and socially responsible leaders of corporate and other institutions. It’s striving hard to seize this opportunity of being in the midst of global organizations setting up world class manufacturing plants in Sri City to cater to Indian and export markets.

Over the years, IFMR has focused on translating critical aspects of management education into pragmatic managerial excellence. It is supported by excellent path-breaking research .We are encouraging research to be in the business of knowledge creation which is so vital for revamping existing curriculum.

IFMR has been recognized for its niche area of finance and financial engineering. However, it is shaping as truly integrated B-School with focus on other functional areas of management, i.e., Marketing, HR, and IT & Operations. We are introducing two new specializations- BFSI & Data Science (Business Analytics) looking at the needs of the industries. It is continuously improving the curriculum and strengthening the faculty base to achieve these goals. We are adding lot of new courses and also paying adequate attention to development issues. A large number of electives have been added. Moreover, with excellent infrastructure, we are aiming at greater number of management development programmes.

Our constant endeavor has been to supplement the academic knowledge by facilitating the students in over all personality development through various extra- curricular activities, seminars, workshops and presentations. IFMR provides a platform for out of box thinking, exploring and experimenting novel ideas.

All IFMR aspirants, if you believe in thinking differently, exploring and experimenting novel ideas, treading the road not taken by others and giving back what you owe to society then IFMR is the right place for you. I welcome everyone associated with IFMR ecosystem to extend their help and support to realize our mission and goals.

Prof. P.K. Biswas, Director, IFMR.

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