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Jyoti P Mukhopadhyay

Area: Economics


Areas of Interest

Development economics, econometrics, behavioral economics.

Name: Jyoti P Mukhopadhyay
Designation: Assistant Professor


Jyoti Prasad Mukhopadhyay completed his masters in economics from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. Subsequently he was a doctoral scholar at IFMR and recently submitted his doctoral dissertation titled ‘’Interrelated Essays in Development Economics” to University of Madras. Currently, he is a Assistant Professor in Economics Area at IFMR Business School, Chennai and Sri City. Before joining the PhD program at IFMR, he worked with Centre for Micro Finance (CMF) at IFMR LEAD as a Research Associate for more than three years. He has also worked with The World Bank as a Short-term Consultant (STC) on an impact evaluation study in Chhattishgarh, India. He has participated and presented papers in various national and international conferences both in India and abroad. Some of his research articles have been published in peer reviewed journals.

Education: MA (Economics) from Delhi School of Economics, PhD (thesis submitted) in Economics from IFMR (University of Madras)

Title Year
Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions
IFMR MERIT-CUM-MEANS SCHOLARSHIP 2017 on 11th October 2017
Blood Donation Camp on 23rd September 2017
Faculty Retreat - 2017
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