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Database Administrator

Position: Database Administrator
Experience: 10 Years relevant experience

Primary responsibilities:

  • Oversee and manage all the activities in the Data Analytics Hub
  • Build and manage Databases, Data Warehouses
  • Maintain up-to-date metadata on all data stored
  • Handle multiple database formats, multiple data formats, multiple file formats
  • Set up good Data Governance practices and enforce the same
  • Set up Data Quality Standards and oversee the same
  • Ensure the security and privacy of sensitive data
  • Ensure routine data backups and data recovery whenever needed
  • Facilitate the data analysts and data scientists who would work in the Analytics Hub by supporting them in handling data, providing metadata, helping in trouble shooting when problems arise etc.
  • Remain updated on state-of-the art data technologies and provide appropriate recommendations for continuously enhancing the capabilities of the Analytics Hub


  • Thorough knowledge of RDBMS, SQL, XML; Understanding of all other DBMS types
  • ETL Experience; Thorough understanding of Data Warehousing
  • Experience with a variety of data handling tools
  • Experience in Data Exploration; Data Preparation; Data Cleaning
  • Experience in Data Visualization; Data Wrangling
  • Understanding of Data Security, Data Privacy issues and Data Encryption
  • Experience as Data Architect; Knowledge of Data Lakes
  • Knowledge of Imaging and Virtualization
  • Understanding of SAN/NAS storages
  • Knowledge of Data Governance, Data Quality Standards
  • Strong analytical and organisational skills
  • Excellent communication skills

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