IT Administrator - IFMR

IT Administrator

Position: System / Network Administrator
Experience: 8 years relevant experience

Primary responsibilities:

  • Manage the entire Information and Communication Technology infrastructure (inclusive of all computer hardware, system software, application software, computer network, peripheral devices, communication equipment etc.) for IFMR.
  • Manage IFMR website and ensure that the content and design are updated regularly.
  • Efficiently host and run web applications; Manage the existing Educational ERP solution; Implement and manage additional modules as and when required.
  • Devise policies and control procedures for acceptable IT / Network usage and enforce the same.
  • Devise and document plans for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity and provide support when needed
  • Recommend appropriate technology options for IFMR and champion all new Information Technology and Information Systems initiatives.
  • Lead a team of IT support staff and ensure that the IT team works in a coordinated manner to
    • Provide prompt and effective IT support to all stakeholders of IFMR (including installations, configurations, troubleshooting etc.)
    • Provide a reliable and secure IT environment at IFMR
    • Extend hassle free network connectivity within IFMR campus; monitor networks; maintain detailed network logs; secure the network; manage the firewall; perform routine data backups etc.
    • Manage all IT assets; coordinate with vendors; coordinate new purchases; renew licenses; monitor contracts etc.


  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Network Management and Performance Tuning
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Website Design and Management
  • Building and Managing Application Software
  • IT Governance , IT Security and Network Security
  • Knowledge of Imaging and Virtualization
  • Vendor Management
  • Leadership Capabilities
  • Excellent Communication

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