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Manager – Academic Program

Position: Academic Program Manager- 2 positions
Experience: 10 Plus years with MBA

Primary responsibilities:

  • Program planning, Timetabling and Documentation.
  • Oversee arrangements for and production of induction and related materials.
  • Co-ordinate teaching on the Programmes and produce timetables for the Full-Time and scheduling of modules for Executive and the Global programmes.
  • Liaise with programme and travel teams, members of faculty and support course providers with regard to teaching on the Academic programmes.
  • Draft, produce and publish in a timely manner programme materials and ensure easy access to high quality on-line materials


  • Ensure compliance with the University’s postgraduate assessment regulations
  • Oversee the setting of coursework and examination papers and marking procedures.
  • Oversee examination arrangements, including the production of examination timetables and the practical arrangements (room booking, invigilation etc.)
  • Raise issues of student progress with the appropriate programme director.
  • Prepare for, and ensure the smooth running of, examination boards, including agendas, minutes, mark sheets and supporting documentation
  • Provide ad-hoc support and assistance when required, e.g. conducting interviews
  • Ensure good working relationships, close understanding and mutual support between the admissions and Program teams
  • Liaise with the central and faculty finance teams in relation to procurement (preparation of simple Purchase Order requests etc.)
  • Ensure best value for money in relation to Program expenditure
  • Maintain a good understanding of current finance practice and a thorough knowledge of University and School financial policies and procedures, advising colleagues accordingly in liaison with the faculty finance team
  • Provide the faculty finance team with programme related knowledge and information to aid budget setting and monitoring (e.g. transfer schedules)
  • Assess, review and advise Program Director of Programmes of resource needs
  • Assist the Director of Programmes in the preparation of business cases for additional resource requests
  • Ensure good working relationships, close understanding and mutual support between the finance and Program teams.

Overall responsibility for program management including Convocation and Graduation ceremonies.


  • Socially adept and excellent marketing, liaising and time management.
  • Strong communication and IT fluency
  • Creative talents and the ability to solve tough problems
  • The ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines
  • Attention to detail and organization
  • Ability to develop relationship with multiple stakeholders like Faculty, Students and Management teams to ensure smooth functioning of Programs.
  • Ability to retain and remain flexible and adaptable to sudden changes without losing sight of the Program timelines or getting flustered.

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