Course Structure — IFMR

Course Structure

Coursework and Programme duration

The PhD students who are enrolled in IFMR will need to undertake coursework in the first part of the PhD Programme. The programme consists of two-year coursework followed by completion of a thesis. The coursework begins in first week of June. The first year will have three terms, each term spanning 3 months. Most of the first-year coursework is of the PGDM programme, providing a good grounding in the basic disciplines and functional areas of management. In addition, specific doctoral level courses are offered. In the second year, students have to attend advanced courses in the chosen area of specialisation. This would be done in consultation with their respective faculty guides. Some of the courses will be aimed at giving students a broad introduction to the content of Accounting, Finance, Management & Economics disciplines, especially if the incoming students have not yet been exposed to them. Some of the other, more advanced, courses are intended to provide students with a deeper appreciation of research that is current in their field of specialisation and also train them in the research methods that will enable them to make a rigorous contribution in their dissertation. At the end of second year, the students will be required to appear for one comprehensive evaluation written exam followed up by an interview.

Courses offered include:


Advanced Microeconomics



Statistics and Probability Theory

Corporate Finance

Basic Econometrics

Financial Econometrics

Asset Pricing

Research Methodology

Post coursework, students typically start with a literature review and identify research problems in their area of research and work towards their dissertation. Generally students take about 4-5 years to complete the doctoral programme. During the programme, students are also expected to assist the faculty in research and teaching including taking tutorials for PGDM students.

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