2nd Shri Bhadrashyam H. Kothari Memorial Research Seminar

IFMR is organizing the 2nd Shri Bhadrashyam H. Kothari Memorial Research Seminar at Sri City campus on Apr 12 and 13, 2016. This research seminar is dedicated to the memory of Late Shri Bhadrashyam H. Kothari, Honourable Board Member, IFMR, who was a source of inspiration for us.  Since research is primary focus area of IFMR this seminar is an important event in the academic calendar of IFMR. IFMR Business School faculty members, senior research managers from IFMR LEAD, IFMR Finance Foundation, Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion and J-PAL South Asia will present their research work at the seminar. The seminar will have technical sessions on different thematic topics which will include computational finance, human resource management, economics, environment and climate change, livelihoods, etc.

Entry by invitation only. If you would like to attend this event, please register by sending an e -mail to  jyoti.mukhopadhyay@ifmr.ac.in  with your contact information today (Apr 11, 2016) by 3 pm sharp.

For Programme agenda Click here: