Abhyudaya 2017

Abhyudaya 2017 – ‘Reminiscence’


“ABHYUDAYA”: The flagship event of IFMR.

A management and cultural conclave hosted every year at IFMR, Sri City.

If you have the zeal and passion to learn and reason, the fire to stand out at the top and the mania to compete against time and embark into the unknown, ‘Abhyudaya 2017’ is for you.

Sometimes something truly revolutionary cuts through the clutter and fundamentally changes the game. And with this in mind, IFMR is going to make you press the rewind button!

From the cold war to the first McDonalds in Moscow,

From the Walkman to the I-pod,

From the collapse of USSR to globalization,

From pamphlets to google-ads,

From open outcry to online trading,

From F.R.I.E.N.D.S to Game of thrones – let’s reminisce and relive the past!!