Abhyudaya- 2018

IFMR organised its annual cultural and management fest “Abhyudaya”. It was a 3 day long cultural and management extravaganza which happened on Feb 9, 10 and 11, 2018 with the theme “Mélange”. The management events were conducted by the committees of IFMR starting from the Finance committee’s “battle of banks” and “Bourse game”, Marketing committee’s “Colporter”,HR committee’s “Aarohan”,Operations committee’s “Battle of Axis” and Consulting committee’s “Consigliere 2.0” and quiz club’s “Caesars’ palace”. The events had multiple rounds starting with an online round followed by on campus events. All the events were judged by esteemed Alumnus of IFMR from various batches who got a chance to revisit their college and corporate professionals. The prizes ranged from cash amount, gift coupons and lots of fun goodies. The main event which made Abhyudaya special was the flagship event “Last Man Standing”. It was a gruelling 48 hour event which tested the participants’ management skills, their smartness and their endurance.This event attracted lots of participants who clashed with each other to prove their mettle. The fun part of Abhyudaya was the music, dance and fashion event conducted by “Raga”, the music club,”Nritya”,the dance club and  “Laasya”,the cultural committee. Solo singing, battle of bands were conducted by Raga, solo dance and group dance competition by Nritya,”Panache”, the fashion show by Laasya.The students also grooved to the music of “Junkyard Groove”, a Chennai based band followed by an EDM night by DJ Digvijay.Overall the three days proved to be the best 3 days of the MBA life for both students and participants.