IFMR LEAD is a non-profit research organization conducting high-quality policy-oriented and action-oriented research in development economics and finance. It is dedicated to leveraging evidence-based research to further sustainable development in India and other low-to-middle income countries.  We focus on key economic questions in financial inclusion, public finance, SMEs & Entrepreneurship, livelihoods, health, governance and climate change. Research findings from our study are promoted through our policy outreach agenda by partnering with influential stakeholders to inform policymaking debates.

Since its inception in 2005 IFMR LEAD has conducted more than 150 studies. Over this time our projects have been mentored by over sixty-five principal investigators of outstanding academic achievements. We have partnered with over sixty different partners such as International Growth Center (IGC) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to mention a few; and we have experience of working with over ninety funding agencies including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank and International Labor Organization.

Our approach to research starts by identifying the right questions. We aim to not only understand what works, but also why. We seek answers by collecting evidence from a range of methods such as experimentation, theory-based evaluation, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis; and retrospective and prospective designs among many others. IFMR LEAD team consists of development practitioners as well as researchers with substantial operational and field experience. The organization collaborates with leading academics and economists, development specialists, and industry experts on research design, implementation, and data analysis and dissemination. This ensures that the data, insight and advice are an ideal blend of sound theoretical knowledge and real-world pragmatism.

Our research findings aim to have academic impact, economic and social impact or both:

Action based research: having an economic or social impact such as influencing the development of policy, altering behaviour, proving effectiveness of social programs or developing and testing innovative financial products;

Academic impact: contributing to scientific advances in understanding method, theory and application. Academic publications are cited and discussed in various settings contributing to policy dialogues, utilized in public debates, referenced by other researchers, journalists, etc.

Capacity building: using our rich knowledge repository of research findings and strong local and national knowledge we conduct workshops, seminars and policy dialogues with a view to inform policy-making. We also conduct tailored courses from basic to advanced on Research Methodology and Monitoring & Evaluation to train young researchers, NGO practitioners; and policymakers to use data and evidence in policy-making.

IFMR LEAD also offers an outstanding and very unique platform for researchers to interact and share research ideas with faculty and PhD students from the IFMR Business School. The centre is also internationally known for cutting-edge experimental research, particularly in finance.

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