Alcom Panel Discussion

We all live in a highly digitized world where everything from physical meetings to bank transactions have been digitised. After the cash transactions were digitised, it is no wonder that our currency notes are getting replaced by digital currency. With the pace at which technology is growing and the reach it has in this digital world, crypto-currency came up as one of the inventions that amazed people. It is imperative that we understand the latest buzzword and stay relevant.

It is in this regard that Alcom, the Alumni Committee of IFMR conducted a Panel Discussion on 21st January 2018 on “The future of Crypto-Currency and its impact on the Central Bank”.

The panellists were Mr. Ravi Jain (Consultant – PKC Advisory), Mr. Sandeep Garg (Assistant VP of Regional CMS sales – IndusInd Bank), Mr. Meher Shiva Tadepalli (Solution Advisor – Deloitte) and Mr. Jinesh Gulecha (Area Sales Manager – Crisil Ltd) and was moderated by Dr. Jyoti Prasad Mukhopadhyay, (Assistant Professor, Economics Area), Chairperson, Alumni Committee, IFMR

The discussion was a highly rewarding experience for the student community of IFMR with the panellists starting with the basic underlying principle of how a crypto-currency works and how it gets its value from. The discussion was then on multiple fronts, with the panellists enlisting insightful info on how the world has changed over the invention, much to the amazement of the audience.

The panellists then addressed the queries of the student audience with the highest level of details possible, making them get cleared on their doubts and queries.

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