The Alumni Chapters (TAC) 2015, the first all-India alumni meet was held by the Alumni Committee (Alcom) of IFMR on May 16, 2015. TAC was a first of its kind event which was held as a high-tea party simultaneously across seven Indian cities namely Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and Kolkata. It saw a turnout of 117 alumni from various batches starting from batch 1 to batch 14. The alumni were very supportive and were glad to meet ALCOM members and also the IFMR’s senior management team. The volunteers form the Batch 15 played a pivotal role in bringing all the alumni together for this event.


The event was quite interesting as the alumni shared their experiences in work life and shed light on common expectations of the business world from an employee. The alumni were quite enthusiastic and promised to support such event vigorously in future. Alumni were excited to meet people from other batches. The alumni in Delhi and Pune have now formed a whatsapp group and are planning informal meets with their newly-made friends.


The Chennai chapter was also graced by Prof. P.K.Biswas, Director-Academics , Prof. Raghu Raman, Prof. Badrinathan and Prof. Rajesh. The alumni shared their student-life at IFMR and how the 2 years PGDM program groomed them and also shaped their career trajectory. The event itself was fun filled and vibrant as the alumni narrated their treasured memories and other hilarious events that occurred during their time at IFMR. The alumni also offered some suggestions for conducting such events in future with greater participation and success.


The alumni were pleased to know the current NHRD ranking of IFMR and appreciated the efforts undertaken to improve IFMR’s brand name through marketing and advertising.

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