Online Database

EBSCO : (Business Source Complete) Cumulative full text for over 5,800 scholarly business journals including Harvard Business Review (1922+), California Management Review (1958+), Business Week, American Banker, Forbes, Fortune, and hundreds of peer-reviewed journals. Cumulative full text for more than 40 regional business publications. (Campus wide Access).

SCIENCEDIRECT : is a leading full-text scientific database offering full text journal articles from Business, Management and Accounting & Economics, Econometrics and Finance subjects. (Campus wide Access)

PROQUEST : ProQuest Management Collection is one of the most comprehensive business databases on the market. It includes in-depth coverage for over 3,771 publications and offers the latest business and financial information for researchers at all levels. It provides cover-to-cover, full-images complete with illustrations. (Campus wide Access)

JSTOR : is a not–for–profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content in a trusted digital archive of over one thousand academic journals and other scholarly content and other materials needed for research and teaching globally. (Campus wide Access)

J-Gate : J-Gate Custom Content for a group of homogeneous consortia members, and JCCC-INDEST is J-Gate Custom Content for the Indian National Digital Library in Science and Technology (INDEST), a consortium set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. (Campus wide Access)

Statistical Databases:

EPWRF India Time Series : EPWRF has built up expertise in important areas of economic research and analysis. The Foundation has been focusing on a systematic compilation and dissemination of current and long-term data series on the macro-economy, as also various economic, social and demographic sectors. While disseminating these data series, the EPWRF has not only been describing the underlying concepts and methods and procedures of data compilation, it has also been making critical observations on their quality and possible weaknesses. Besides, all data base studies published by the EPWRF have provided reviews of the trends in growth and structural changes of the Indian economy as revealed in the respective macro-economic and sectoral data. (Usage manual)

CMIE – Prowess : Prowess database – now ProwessIQ driven by an Interactive Querying System is a database on performances of 47,065 companies as on 11th Dec 2017. It covers financial performances of listed, unlisted and private limited companies from 1989. It provides charting tools and well-formatted reports on performances of companies. The reports in ProwessIQ provide financial information including analytical ratios and benchmark comparisons. Downloads of source documents interim results, ratings rationales and annual report extracts are also part of the service.

ProwessIQ is meant for the Data Analyst. Typically, it is today’s Data Analyst who is best suited to use this to slice and dice the database to find what is needed. In today’s world that is moving increasingly towards Data Analysis, ProwessIQ fits in very well in the Data Analyst’s toolbox if the application is for business analysis. Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. are different business functions and in each of these functions, data analysis is required to take informed decisions. For instance, Marketing team of a business would be interested in understanding the advertising, sales and distribution spending of its peers; HR would be interested in compensation to employees and remuneration figures of the board members; Finance in Profits & many other financial indicators and so on.

For more information and the brochure, please access the following link – ProwessIQ. : An aggregator database delivers information on Asian emerging markets. It aggregates and produces unique content including full-text news articles, financial statements, company information, industry analysis, equity quotes, macroeconomic statistics, and market-specific information, which are derived directly from more than 13,000 local and global publications. (Campus wide Access) : Indiastat is one of the most comprehensive sources of secondary level socioeconomic India-centric statistical online database. The data sources include reports, statistical publications, policies, and other releases by various ministries / departments of the Government of India, and its States, and Parliament questions and answers. It covers socioeconomic data under more than 30 classifications, which are further divided into hundreds of sub-categories. The main classification includes Demographics, Industries, Labour and workforce, Education, Foreign Trade, and Telecommunication etc. (Campus wide Access)

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