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Name: Chandrasekaran N


Chandrasekaran N, an alumnus of IFMR, Chennai, was conferred Ph.D. in Economics – Financial Management, University of Madras. He is a Certified Supply Chain Management Professional, by APICS – American Association of Operations Management, USA.

Chandrasekaran has been part of leadership team in setting up Centres of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  He has over twenty five years of experience with corporate in India. He has worked for companies in industries including information Technology, Venture Capital, Industry body, and Knowledge Processing. His areas of work relate to Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Human Resources, Leadership Development and Investor Relationship management.

He serves as Independent Director in few firms who are in business of supply chain solutions, distribution management and healthcare solutions. He also mentors few startup firms in the area relating to strategy, supply chain and competitive mapping; and a practicing management consultant.

His consulting, research, corporate training and teaching experience has been in Supply Chain Management, Operations Strategy, Logistics Infrastructure and Management, Service Operations, Strategy and Analytics.

Chandrasekaran N serves as a research guide to scholars who are pursuing PhD degree in management in the area of Strategy and Supply Chain Management. Three scholars who are working as senior management professionals are awarded the Ph. D degree.  Apart from these, four more scholars are pursuing Ph. D under his guidance.

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