Jayaram R

Area: Finance & Accounting

Email: jayaram.r@ifmr.ac.in

Areas of Interest

Cost & Management Accounting with specific focus on Activity Based Costing & Management

Name: Jayaram R


Dr. R Jayaram is a practicing cost and management accountant who has been associated with IFMR since 2008. Apart from teaching in the PGDM program, Prof Jayaram is also actively involved with IFMR’s Management Development Programs for working executives.

Education: M.Com, M.Phil, FCMA, Adv Dip M.A, PhD

Significant Publications: Articles:
  1. R. Jayaram and Dr.G. Balasubramanian "Costing for Pressure Die casting Operations – An Activity based perspective", The Management Accountant, July TCM edition 2011. Pp. 581- 85
  2. R. Jayaram & Dr.G. Balasubramanian "Strategic Pricing using Target Costing methodology - Case study of an Indian Auto ancillary company”, The Management Accountant, November edition 2011 Pp 1063 – 66
  3. R.Jayaram & Dr. Nisar Ahmed – “Activity Based Management – Glimpses of its Practical application” – The Management Accountant, September 2014 Edition Pp 83-88
  4. R. Jayaram & R.Vasudevan -" Designing an Activity Based Cost Model for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacturing Unit- The Management Accountant March 2016 Edition Pp 19-26

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