Sathyanarayanan R

Area: Marketing


Areas of Interest

Marketing, Brand Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Cross-Cultural Marketing, Design Thinking

Name: Sathyanarayanan R
Designation: Associate Professor


Sathyanarayanan has 18 years of Industry and academia experience in organizations like BIM, CII, CBS and also in Global European Union projects like ECCP. Before joining IFMR, Sathya served as the Head of Education Initiatives in the Confederation of Indian Industry and was actively involved in setting up an Education Practice to promote industry-oriented higher education and enhanced industry-institute interaction. Sathya has extensive experience in Post-graduate level teaching in Marketing and also in corporate training through MDPs and consulting assignments in India and abroad with programmes and missions in countries like Finland, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

As an invited member he has served in various CII task forces. He is also an invited Member of CII SR Core Group on higher education policy 2016. Prof Sathya is a Gold medalist in marketing and a University Grants commission NET-JRF holder. Prof Sathya received the Dewang Mehta award for 'Best teacher in Marketing Management ' in 2010 and also the Impact Best Professor award. Also, he is a winner in London Business School’s Case development Initiative-2009. Sathya’s interests are Brand management, CSR, Culture and Design thinking in the area of marketing.

Education: B.Sc. (Physics), MBA (Marketing), PG Diploma in International Business

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Title Year
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