Motivational Session: Mr Alacatraz Dey addressed the students of IFMR.


“Motivation is a hoax; it’s the inner desire that matters. You need to accept, adjust and act on your desire”. The words of Alcatraz Dey, charged the students of IFMR with boundless energy and optimism. The life of the thriller writer is in itself a potboiler. During the interactive sessions he shared his visions and insights about life. The event was a spinoff from a routine lifestyle of an IFMR student, but it supplied the necessary recoil force to push harder.

Mr Dey after his stint with Indian Airforce as a fighter pilot currently writes novels, blogs and a motivational speaker too. He is on the TEDx speakers list which is scheduled to happen at BITS Pilani in the month of January 2018. He is one among the top writers in Quora from India. This program was organized by Synergy – the HR Committee of IFMR B-school students.