Management Development Programs

Range of Programs

We offer a range of programs that covers, but is not limited to the following subjects and functions:

  • Finance
  • Financial Analytics
  • Economics
  • Marketing & Strategy
  • People – Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Banking


Key features of Programs

  • Balanced faculty mix of practitioners and academicians would anchor the program
  • Practical applications and comprehensive course-ware
  • Current case study
  • Research based training and proven teaching methods
  • Industry specific programs


The training programs offered by IFMR can be classified on the basis of :

At IFMR we believe in partnering through the entire training cycle – from analyzing identified training needs , to building and executing content that successfully addresses the training needs. While we measure in-training change in knowledge levels; we look forward to partnering to measure the efficacy of the training intervention through evaluation of appropriate projects undertaken by trainees post training after a considered time lag.

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