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Emerging markets are affected both by the pace and sequencing of policy reforms. This requires special analytical tools to determine the behaviour of financial variables in an environment which is subjected to policy shocks.

The Journal of Emerging Market Finance (JEMF) is a forum for debate and discussion on the theory and practice of finance in emerging markets. While the emphasis is on articles that are of practical significance, the journal also covers theoretical and conceptual aspects relating to emerging financial markets. JEMF is a blind peer-reviewed journal that attracts articles in these broad areas of research:

Idiosyncratic factors that prevail in emerging markets: Some emerging markets are characterised by presence of financial instruments that are absent from other markets. For example, microfinance institutions, instruments to drive financial inclusion, etc. Similarly, certain financial markets are almost non-existent in emerging markets as compared to developed markets. For example, secondary debt market, simple as well as complex derivative instruments, etc. The journal encourages articles on these topics.

Comparing emerging markets with developed markets: Some of the key comparison units are market efficiency, corporate governance, derivatives market, ability of the markets to absorb new products, etc.

New scopes and challenges for emerging markets: We encourage articles that often identify issues which are expected to be extremely important for the future. Issues in energy trading, inflow of foreign capital, etc., are some of these issues.

Peer-reviewed, the journal is equally useful to practitioners and to banking and investment companies as to scholars.
This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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